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Dear Mr Brown, Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg   It is 2010 and we still have a Parliament in which the upper chamber is made up of appointed cronies, a group of aristocrats who have inherited the right to rule, and 26 Bishops who sit in Parliament by right.  Every one of them is unelected and unaccountable.   Politicians of all parties like to talk of a “democratic” House of Lords. It will feature in all of your manifestos.  But it is how you act in the next Parliament that will reveal whether you truly support a cleaner, more accountable politics.   Few will have been surprised by revelations in the recent “cash for influence” affair, that retiring MPs see a seat in the Lords as the best place to pursue a career in corporate lobbying.     This can’t go on. It simply isn’t credible to talk about cleaning up politics whilst continuing to appoint new Lords, many of whom will expect to live out their retirement in the chamber whilst blocking any kind of reform.   We call on you to commit to introducing a fully elected second chamber in the next Parliament – and as of today not to appoint a single further individual to the House of Lords.  Because there should be no place for Lords in a modern democracy.