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Home Rule for England - Contact your candidates today

22.04.2010 // by Guy Aitchison

Happy St George's day! To mark the national day of England's patron saint POWER2010 paid a little visit to Westminster to remind politicians of the demand for English Home Rule now that there has been devolution to Scotland and Wales. 

A unique image of the English flag was projected onto the UK Parliament at Westminster branding it "English".

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have their own Parliament or Assembly with powers over education, health and many other areas. Yet MPs from these nations can still vote on laws that will apply only in England.

This represents a basic failure of democracy at the heart of the UK.

That is why POWER2010 has set up an easy to use tool that allows you to ask every candidate in your constituency how they would answer the English Question. Click here to use it.

English votes on English laws, the public's choice for the Power Pledge, is one possible solution that would address the democratic unfairness - but there are others too.

Please contact your local candidates now and ask them their views on the English Question.

It's important we know where they stand.

If you hear back from them we would love to know what they've said. You can forward any responses to candidates@power2010.org.uk. 

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