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Demo for democracy, Saturday May 8th 2pm Trafalgar Square

07.05.2010 // by Guy Aitchison

It's clear by now that this election has once again delivered an outrageous mismatch between votes and seats.

Our broken system has failed to deliver the Parliament people dared to hope for.

The breakdown:

Tories 36% of vote, 49% of the seats.
Labour 29%of vote, 42 % of the seats.
Lib Dem; 23% of vote, 9% of the seats.



No matter what the colour of your political stripes, this is grossly disproportionate and unfair

But with power in the balance we have an opportunity.

POWER2010 is joining together with other organisations to Take Back Parliament.

Join us tomorrow at 2pm in Trafalgar Square for a demonstration to demand fair votes - with parallel demos organised around the country in Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, Oxford, Middlesbrough. 

If enough of us turn out and join the call for reform the politicians will be forced to listen.

Sign the petition here.

Sign up on Facebook here:

Wear purple or paint your finger purple, the colour of democracy and the franchise – and bring your friends along.

The more people we’ve got along with us, the more forceful we’ll be.

So let your friends know about the demo and make sure you sign up here.

Saturday Trafalgar Square 2pm! 


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