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Pam Giddy, Director

Pam has a long-standing interest and involvement in democratic reform. In 2004 Pam launched the Power Inquiry to understand why the decline in popular participation and involvement in formal politics has occurred and to provide concrete and innovative proposals to reverse the trend (you can read the full report of the Inquiry here). 

Between 1999 and 2001 Pam was director of Charter 88 launching a number of initiatives, including a major campaign for reform of the House of Lords.

Mark Ross, Head of Campaigns

Guy Aitchison, Website and blog

Guy edits the POWER2010 website and blog. He also blogs regularly in a personal capacity for openDemocracy.net's UK section, OurKingdom, and has written for Guardian.co.uk, the Independent and several other publications. He was recently deputy director of the Convention on Modern Liberty, dubbed the "largest civil liberties gathering in the history of the country" by the Observer."

Amanda Hughes, Media and communications

Amanda is the newest member of the POWER2010 team. She joined because she was fed up of political cynicism, and wanted to take part in a project which aims to re-engage a depoliticised generation. Last year she graduated from UCL in Natural Sciences, and then gained her PR experience as a press officer for a non-profit organisation. 

Clare Coatman, Operations

Clare has been active in politics since the Iraq War protests when she was a school students spokesperson. Before joining Power2010 Clare was the Participation Manager for the Convention on Modern Liberty.

George Gabriel, Partnerships and outreach

George is a committed democrat, working with POWER2010 to address structural issues while developing his skills as a community organiser to build powerful communities. Before this he spent a year working with community groups in Venezuela and writing as a freelance journalist.  

Andy May, Local campaigns

Andy is Power2010's ground campaign coordinator. He has a strong interest in civil liberties and individual rights and freedoms. Prior to working for Power2010 he worked in marketing for Amnesty International. He also set up the pressure group Defend Peaceful Protest, a civil liberties campaign advocating for public order policing reform


Phil Connor, Scottish Campaigner

Phil has worked as a pro-democratic activist since getting involved in the run up to the 2007 Scottish elections and has always been drawn to cross party campaigns. His background is in voter education and campaigning to change to a fairer voting system for Westminster. He is also the co-ordinator of electoral reform campaign Make Votes Count. 


Iestyn Davies, Welsh Campaigner

Iestyn is an experienced campaigner from Wales. He has worked for NGOs and Public bodies and is undertaking research in Political Communications. He has worked across areas as diverse as substance misuse, social exclusion, the arts, education and most recently in health. As well as Cardiff Bay he has worked in Westminster and Brussels. Whilst his professional focus has been on delivering a wide range of communications plans and strategies, he has never lost the passion of a community activist. As a result he has developed projects in the arts, social housing and community development. Iestyn is a regular contributor to political programming in Wales and cycled to Copenhagen for the COP15 climate change summit. He is currently trying his best to spend more time with his family.

English Regions


Kelly Smith, North East Regional Campaigner

Kelly is a recent graduate and is committed to raising the national profile of the North East. Her main political interests lie in increasing engagement and getting more young people involved in democratic processes. Prior to joining Power 2010, Kelly was working as a campaigns intern in Newcastle, and has also previously been a part-time journalist. 

Robert Rankin, North West Regional Campaigner

Robert's interest in democratic reform originates from growing up in a safe seat and (like so many other people in the UK) feeling disconnected from his elected representatives and politics in general. Since graduating from the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2008, Robert has worked for Make Votes Count and Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform, campaigning for a fairer voting system in Westminster. After a brief spell in public affairs he joined Power2010 to campaign for democratic change at a grassroots level. 

Mike Britland, Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Campaigner

Ciaran Norris, Midlands Regional Campaigner

Ciarán worked in the student union movement for five years, and graduated from The University of Hull in 2008. Whilst interning in Parliament he saw the way political parties put point-scoring before policy and decided to go into democratic campaigning. Ciarán joined Power2010 to help make Parliament answerable to the People. 


Andrew Dixon, East of England Regional Campaigner


Sam Wilson, South East Regional Campaigner

Sam is the regional campaigner for the South East, having interned with POWER2010 since the start of the campaign. He is a Politics graduate from the University of East Anglia where he studied, amongst other topics, democratic theory and was involved in several political student groups. Sam joined POWER2010 as he believes the key to change lies with the people and by re-engaging people with politics we can change our system. 

Poppy Villiers-Stuart, South-West Regional Campaigner

Poppy is passionate about igniting a sense of change agency within people and groups. She spent three years cultivating cultural and institutional change for sustainable development in the Higher Education sector and went on to become a community development worker supporting grass roots projects for neighbourhood transformation, a federation of resident associations and the empowerment of Somali immigrants.


Annie Quick, Greater London Regional Campaigner 

Annie's interest in democracy stems from a background in facilitation, decision-making theory and democracy in education. She has worked as an MP's caseworker, at the New Economics Foundation's democracy department, and at the English Secondary Students' Association. She has contributed to the International Baccalaureate's curriculum on Global Citizenship and Public Service and has edited information packs on Citizens' Juries and on peer consultation. She is a History graduate from UCL. 


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